As Advertised…

The Acorn World show is still on today, and one of the things you’ll be able to see there are some rather retro looking adverts for games from Retro Software.

Dave Moore always liked the Superior Software adverts of 1984-1985 vintage. In particular there were two styles he liked. The full screen blue version that advertised one game:

Vintage advert for Matthew Atkinson’s Tempest

And the “split” ad that advertised two games:

A vintage advert for two of Superior’s games

He wondered if I could do something similar in Inkscape for him to use as promotional materials at the show. The job turned out to be quite straight forward as I had all the things I needed. I had created the svg of the Retro Software logo as well as the original cover artwork for Zap! and The Krystal Connection.

Here’s my rendition of The Krystal Connection:

I like the way this turned out

And here is my “split” ad:

Not my rubbish “Zap!” artwork again…

The main thing I had to watch was keeping the colours muted, and again the Tango icon palette was my friend here. I used it to create the artwork for The Krystal Connection and I’ve become rather fond of it. The font was Bahaus – it was difficult to resist adding the Access credit card logo though!

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