Converting .ai files from Flash 8 to .svg

This morning I wanted to use a number of the graphics I have done in Flash in Inkscape.

The .swf and .fla files are stuck at the moment until I have access to a copy of Flash, but I also have a large stock of .ai files. I exported them from Flash 8 to use in Fireworks, which allowed me to use various raster effects on my vector artwork.

Inkscape would only import Adobe Illustrator 9 files, but Flash 8 exported .ai files in Adobe Illustrator 6 format. However, the solution was already available and installed on my computer with Inkscape. It just needed a bit of “command line love” (as they say on the Ubuntu UK podcast). The program in question is a command line tool called Uniconvertor, and it’s very easy to use.

Open a terminal, put the .ai files in your Home folder, and type:

dave@dave-desktop:~$ uniconvertor destination.svg

Very, very useful.