Unweaving the Rainbow

As I promised a couple of days ago, I’ve tweaked nitrofurano‘s ZX Spectrum filter for The GIMP so that you can now undo (and redo!) the effects of the filter properly.

Not a favourite album, but a nice cover

To get undo to work I needed to create a duplicate of the current layer to work on, and then merge that down into the original layer when the filter has finished its work.

From XOR to AOR

That way, The GIMP seemed to remember the original layer and could go back to it when you used undo.

So now, hopefully, it’s all finished. The final version of the filter is available to download from here. People with Windows or Macs wanting to try the plug-in need to follow the instructions here. GNU/Linux users can just copy it into their ~/.gimp2.6/plug-ins folder and set the Execute permission.

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