Per ardua, ad astra

Recently I wrote about the flyers I created for the R3PLAY Arcade, Retro and Video Gaming Expo that’s going to be held in Blackpool on the 6th and 7th November 2010. Here’s Doris Speed holding an example:

Some people are so easily pleased

At the same time as I put flyers together, I also prepared two half page magazine advertisements to appear in retroGAMER and gamesTM magazines.

This was a very exciting job for me, as I’ve always wanted some of my work to appear in a computer magazine, and retroGAMER was a magazine I used to buy regularly when I lived in the UK.

The fliers were produced as large uncompressed TIFF files. I exported large PNG files from the Inkscape source file and then converted them into TIFFs using The GIMP.

I was delighted this morning when Dave Moore, one of the organisers of R3PLAY, sent me a picture of the adverts appearing in the magazines themselves.

In retroGAMER…

Click to enlarge

 …and in gamesTM.

Click to enlarge

The R3PLAY Arcade, Retro and Video Gaming Expo is going to be held in Norbreck Castle, Blackpool on the 6th and 7th of November 2010. You can order tickets from, in-store at WHO, 30-32 Coronation Street, Blackpool or by phone on 01253 291188.

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