When I’m using video as a source material for a recreation, I often use Avidemux.  Avidemux will either export .bmp files or .jpg files.

Exporting from Avidemux – limited options

I like to export .bmp files from Avidemux as they are lossless. However, they are also very large and I usually want to convert them to .png files to save space. To do this using a graphics package would be boring, time consuming and prone to error.

Luckily I’m able to use a handy little free software utility called ImageMagick from the GNU/Linux command line. It has a command called mogrify to do this sort of job.

To convert all the bmp files in a directory to png files I simply use:

mogrify -format png *.bmp

And then to remove the original bmp files I can use:

rm *.bmp

And the finished result:


This has saved me literally hours of work over the past few months.

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