(Yet) another version of Letraset Oxford

Whilst browsing dafont.com the other day, I noticed that (yet) another version of the classic Letraset Oxford typeface has been created, and this time it’s another free (as in freedom) version.

The font is named Oxford-CP and was created by Diogene. It’s licensed under the GPL with the font exception rather than the SIL OFL which I used to license my version.

The non-free version of Oxford, called Sportowy, which boasts some beautiful glyphs for things like @, is available here.

My version, which I called “Scene” in honour of the BBCtv schools programme that used the face for its logo, also features capital letters and Central European accenting and is available to download from here.

BBC Micro game Pipeline used Oxford

Ironically, after the huge amount of effort I put into creating it (see here, here and here), I still haven’t actually done anything with my Scene font – but hopefully I’ll get around to doing something with it soon.

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