2 Replies to “Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Sant”

  1. This must be too early for my memory – or reflective of the watch-ATV-to-avoid-the-Welsh-rubbish attitude that my Plaid-voting gran managed to maintain (consistency was never her forte, except that she was consistently a hypocrite of the first rank).

    This http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sFkZnNECh6o heroically misdated effort is more along the lines of what I remember. When we weren't watching Bristol to avoid the slightest hint of a Welsh word being uttered, of course.

    Word verification: "faisa", the Welsh for "word verification"

  2. A better picture has turned up of this symbol in the TBS archive – this recreation will have to be redone now. I would have redone it for March 1st, but my laptop (which has my copy of Swift 3D on it) on it is in England and I'm not.

    I suppose could try learning Blender (which is free software) but sadly I don't have a spare year.

    I suppose I better dig out my BBC NI symbol for March 17th now…

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