Repton typeface

When I was writing my blog post about doing the cover art for Repton: The Lost Realms, I wanted to refer to the font used for the “REPTON” namestyle.

Worringly my mind went a complete blank and I couldn’t remember the name of the face! My cheap supermarket CD-ROM version of it is called “Devendra”, which I could remember, but I couldn’t remember the typeface’s original name.

As usual, when I’m doing something else completely different there’s an article with information about the typeface and its the designer right in front of me – it’s called “Baby Teeth”, and it was designed by the American graphic designer Milton Glaser in 1968. Apparently the design is based on a hand painted sign he saw on a trip to Mexico.

The version I did for the Repton: The Lost Realms cover was traced from the advertisement for the original Repton game in Inkscape:

My Inkscape Repton logo

It is modified from the original font and I think it’s very pleasingly proportioned.

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